Shata Shloki video on crossing seven million views

The amazing event of Shata Shloki video views on crossing seven million was celebrated in Karya Siddhi Hanuman Mandir on December 30 2011. Pujya Sri Swamiji was given a plaque for Blessing with such wonderful video. The very fact that a spiritual video could reach such dizzying number of views was expressed by everyone with amazement and wonder. Sri Swamiji has exhorted people to play Shata Shloki Ramayana video on as many times a day as possible till December 2012 when the 70 feet tall stone statue of Hanuman will be consecrated in Mysore Ashrama. ( Dr.Vempati Ramaprabhu showed a power point presentation on the probable effect of Shata Shloki Ramayana viewing on Ozone layer. (Pujya Sri Swamiji had spoken about it during Datta Jayanti programs in Mysore Ashrama on 9th December 2011). .

Sri Swamiji was gifted a plaque to commemorate the six million views of Shata Shloki Ramayana for picture

Discourse on 30 December

Jaya Guru Datta

Dharma is not a religion. It is only good actions. Ramayana is not a story. It looks like it only. Go deeper. Ramayana is like our body, yoga, and breath. Study it repeatedly. Then you feel like learning all the mantras, all 24,000 of them. Each is our life history. It teaches us as to how to behave in different relationships and also how to serve. So many people like the Ramayana.

In Bali, Indonesia they play different shows of the Ramayana. Swamiji simply did not decide about promoting this Shatashloki Ramayana. He had a good experience, especially with Shatashloki Ramayana. Swamiji is very happy with the success of the viewing of the video throughout out the world. So many countries, even non-devotees are viewing. Many are watching out of curiosity also because of the number of views. The good vibrations are filling up the hole in the ozone layer. It is giving good energy. The energy lasts not only for 40 years but forty years multiplied infinite times. Hanuman is happy with this Ramayana Mantra. The computes are running, running. The energy is flowing; balancing the energies in the atmosphere. Global warming is not the correct word. It is a foolish phrase. But another word people do not accept. People are afraid that this world will finish one day. Why be afraid? Again and again creation occurs. We take birth also many times. View the Shatashloki Ramayana many times. What is the benefit? What is the insurance? Only prayers are our insurance. Do as much as possible. Do service to humanity. All are brothers and sisters.

Rama also left his body. Rama ruled for 11,000 years. Krishna lived only for 150 years according to Swamiji's calculation. Kartaveeryarjuna lived also for 10,000 years. Pingala Naga lived for 15,000 years and got fed up with his old body. He wanted to go back, tired of the old body. The soul wants to change and get new bodies.

Shatashloki Ramayana is yoga; Ramayana yoga. Human always likes these prayers. He needs to be praised. Only then he remembers his powers. That is a curse or a boon. There are no new mantras. There are no different breaths; only one way to breathe; the natural way. It is Creation. For 40 years I am breathing through this same nose. Today my breath I want to take from the ear. Okay, cement it. What happens? Will you live? No, you get your ticket to go. In meditation or in doing good service, there is nothing new. No. You cannot change Rama and change to Yama. You can't change prayer or breath or dharma. Attitude may change, but not originality. Only decoration and colors can change. Sugar is the same in all desserts. Sweet is the same.

Shatashloki Ramayana teaches. Good things will happen. It protects. After Delhi concert an earthquake came within a few hours. Even earthquakes can be controlled by viewing the Shatashloki Ramayana. Swamiji himself has experienced it. Everybody ran out when the earth shook. Swamiji was listening to the Shatashloki Ramayana on his IPad. He also stepped out of the building with it. The iPad SSR kept playing. It continued. Also on IPhones.

We are watching well the videos. Try to be in the top ten. How? Use two or 3 laptops. Use strategy. You can do it. What benefit do you get? Names in the new Hanuman temple will be inscribed in stone with gold paint. It is a Vratam; deeksha. Even if you don't listen God protects you. Some people are too clever and argue, why play if I don't listen?

Why play if we won't get merit. Your duty is to play; house members will also get benefit. Oh no. We are not devotees. We don't believe. Still God protects you whether or not you believe. Definitely he protects. We are all his children. He does not argue like this. Childish ignorant talk; mistakes. He excuses. He protects. He does not argue. Swamiji says "Do." You do it. Shut your mouth and do it.

Such storms in the New York area. They kept playing the Shatashloki Ramayana. They escaped damage. A Swamiji devotee in Japan was saved by playing SSR; all his colleagues were saved also simply for listening. They said there is energy in it. They felt it. I was then in Australia. He got me on the telephone. With difficulty. He was sitting under a table. Whole building was shaking. He just surrendered. Swamiji told him, you will live, don't worry. He then came to India. I did sacred thread ceremony for him. In New Zealand also a devotee was saved. You need Wi-Fi to play the videos.

So many countries watch; very interesting statistics daily on Including Pakistan, Yemen, so many different countries are playing this video. First place is USA; second India.

Sri Guru Datta

Discourse on 31 December

Jaya Guru Datta

Hanuman is a popular deity in India. Not only in India, but in Thailand, Sumatra, some small islands around there, Japan, China, even Korea, there are so many people who are devotees of Hanuman. They believe in Hanumanta. Not only Hindus. Even in Muslim countries, they say Monkey God is good; He's protector, guide, and savior. That's why people from so many countries viewed Shatashloki Ramayana. Because Hanuman is non religious. Hanuman story is a beautiful story - about how to serve our country, how to obey our parents, how to obey our king, very easy and valuable stories about Hanuman.

Every day, 2 views of Shatashloki Ramayana are enough. Tell your friends, let them also view. Swamiji is always talking aboutShatashloki Ramayana, he won't rest till it's done. That's his strong sankalpam (determination). After deeksha (vow to complete the desired number of views is fulfilled), I cool down slowly. Doesn't matter whether you listen or not. I am mad about Shatashloki Ramayana. Shatashloki Ramayana is running in my mind 24 hours a day, every day. Ramayana is like our bible, like our Bhagavad-Gita . We need Ramayana. Ramayana is not just a story. Once again, go see and viewShatashloki Ramayana. Tomorrow morning, there's a beautiful session. Happy, happy, happy, happy new year! Tomorrow, I'll tell you the numerological significance of the date. Traditionally, we calculate the start of the next day with the sunrise. 12 midnight is different (although the date changes), that's just a science metric. Sunrise is what we count. I bless you all.

Sri Swamiji's Ayodhya Trip

Jai Shriram. The historic pilgrimage town Ayodhya, was visited by His Holiness Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji on 1st, 2nd and 3rd March 2011. (Ashtami, Navami and Dashami of Phalguna Maasa-Sukla Paksha). This visit was the pinnacle of Ramayana Campaign, conducted by Sri Swamiji for over six months.

About Ayodhya
Ayodhya, the name derives from two words, Na, Yudh (root verb). Etymology explains that, this is an unconquerable city. Due to the illustrious virtues of Raghu Dynasty (of Sri Rama) and unmatched prowess in warfare, their capital city got its name. It was called Saaketa, originally. Situated on the banks of River Sarayu, a tributary of River Ganga; Ayodhya is associated with the majesty and paraphernalia of an emperor.
In spite of the fact, that many of the centuries-old buildings are not directly linked and proved by the mythology or history, many of these edifices of the ravaged historic city stand as testimony to the age old beliefs of millions of Rama Bhaktas, across the globe. (Dilapidated Palatial Structures, Forts etc. dedicated to Rama, Seeta, Lakshmana, Bharata, Lava, Kusha and others; stand ravaged with the passage of time and frequent attacks by Moslem invaders).

Never the less the sanctity and piety are unsurpassed, qualifying the place to be one of the front rankers in the list of Moksha Puri (Place of Salvation). Reverberation of day and night Chants/ Recital of Seetaaraam..Seetaaram; automatically turns the mind towards inner self and contemplate on the inner Self. Due to the sheer Determination (Sankalpa) and Electrifying presence (Sannidhi) of Sadguru Deva, this pilgrimage to Ayodhya happened as the pinnacle of Ramayana campaign.

Ramayana Campaign
What appeared to be freak incident in South America, led to this mammoth campaign to propagate the airing of Ramayana Audio/ Visuals in digital format. Many of us are aware that, Sri Swamiji had a fall beneath one of the falls, while trekking Hatcha Fall - Hills in Venezuela. Resonating sounds of First Hundred stanzas of Ramayana (Sanskshepa Sarga), were the source of inspiration for Him to crawl back to safety.
Thus, the mighty Sankalpa to propagate Ramayana, had transformed lives of thousands of devotees worldwide, for who a day without Ramayana (listening/ viewing the video/ recital) is unimaginable. Nearly devotees from 175 countries on this planet viewed. More than 3 Crore views of the video are registered. Thousands of books have been distributed. Conduct of competitions, recitals, singing and dance ballets are also worth the mention in this context.

As a befitting finale to this grandiose Ramayana Prachara, His Holiness decided to conclude it on the banks of Sarayu River. After a couple of date changes, finally the Yatra culminated in the arrival of Sri Swamiji on 1st March 2012. Venue of the programs was Hanuman Bagh Seva Sansthan, Vasudeva Ghat, Parikrama Marg, Ayodhya and Sri Rama Ghat. Hundreds of lucky devotee had assembled for the occasion and benefited from the grace of Sadgurudeva.

Highlights of Programs
* Welcome Function to His Holiness in the noon on 1st March 2012.
* Visit to Rama Janma Bhumi on 1st March 2012. The pathetic condition of the place, due to various controversies and strict security measures, makes one wonder, whether the previous incidents spread over the past 60 years, are proving helpful or detrimental to the interests of common devotees.
* A cow, near the Rama Janma Bhumi constantly circumambulating in anti clock wise direction, caught the attention of Sri Swamiji. He revealed that this is one of the devotees, yearning for the grace of Rama.
* Satsang about Ramayana in the evening on 1st March 2012. Sri Swamiji conducted a Question and Answer Session about various lesser known facts of Ramayana ranging from the conversation between Maareecha and Ravana, Battle of Rama & Ravana, Sanjeevana Mountain and its effects. Sri Bala Swamy, Sri Manasa Datta, Sri Vamshi Krishna Ghanapathi participated in the session.
* Shata Shloki Ramayana Parayana conducted by hundreds of devotees led by Ashrama Musicians Vidwan Jaitra Varanasi, Vidwan Mani, Vidwan Mahesh Bhat, Vidwan Ramanuja and Swamy Manasa Datta.
* Srichakra Puja by Sri Swamiji. Three set of Murtys (Idols) were specially brought for this occasion. Marble, Brass and Alloy Metals. All of them were placed on the altar for worship.
* Srirama Pattabhisheka conducted by Ashrama Scholars Dr.Vamshi Krishna Ghanapathi, Sri Hari Seetarama Murty, Sri K Santosh Kumar, Sri K Surya Narayana, Sri AS Bhanu Prakash, Sri J Vamana Datta.
* Final offerings of Ablution to Srirama by Sri Swamiji. Waters from Sarayu River and many sacred rivers along with Pearls were used by Sri Swamiji.
* Sri Rama Taraka Homa in the yagashala. Purusha Sooktam and Narayana Sooktam were chanted along with 13 seed letters of Sri Rama Taraka Homa.
* Sri Bala Swamy congratulated His Holiness and presented a memoire.
* 13 campaigners for Ramayana were honoured with Golden Pendents and certificates of appreciation.
* All the devotees got a remembrance pendent.
* Sri KV Aiyappan and Sri VV Prakasha Rao shared their experiences.
* Sri Swamiji has reportedly bared heart, explaining the incidents and happenings of this massive six month campaign, commencing from Krishna Ashtami.
* Avabhrutha Snaana (Final Dip), with the entourage, on the banks of River Sarayu. After Puja to the River, Sri Swamiji boarded the boat to leave the special cloth with the names of all the devotees, part of this Yatra and Prachara. (Boat shire also had its own pie of unusualness. The rower of Sri Swamiji's boat fell in the river, due to the impact of the mild hit by another boat, prompting Sri Swamiji to take over the rowing briefly.)
* Evening's bhajans were bliss to the souls of devotees. In spite of incessant and tiresome activities, Sri Swamiji sung few enthralling Bhajans to the delight of devotees.
* Services of Kailasnath Agarwal, Maneesh Goel, BDL Anagha Datta Kendram Group in the conduct of this camp were appreciated. Sri HV Prasad, Sri Vamshi & Sri GV Venu Gopal from Mysore Ashrama and Sri NSS Bhagavat from Bengaluru Ashrama coordinated.

1 March 2012 ~ Pujya Swamiji sits at the border area where Ayodhya Region begins and offered prayers & Pranams

Pujya Sri Swamiji at the program venue in the evening ~ Sri Hanuman Bagh Sewa Sansthan, Ayodhya.
Gurudeva with the Rama Parivara statues.

Sri Chakra Puja

Devotees join Gurudeva in singing Rama Bhajans

In His discourse, Sri Swamiji expressed happiness over the success of Shatashloki Ramayana video reaching 38 million views
and reaching top spot on as the most viewed video on

Sri Bala Swamiji congratulates Pujya Sri Swamiji for coming 1st in the 13 top viewers of Shata Shloki Ramayana video

13 top viewers of Shatashloki Ramayana video were honored by Sri Swamiji with Golden Rama Thanka & a certificate

Sri Swamiji releases "Shata Shloki Ramayana" - German word to word translation - prepared by Shabari Honegger

In the afternoon, Sri Swamiji visited Sarayu River in Ayodhya. Pujya Sri Swamiji holds the clothe banner on which names are printed of viewers registered on for viewing Shatashloki Video.

Pujya to Sarayu river

Sri Swamiji stands in the porch outside Valmeekeeya Ramayana Bhavan in which all 24,000 stanzas of Valmiki Ramayana has been painted on the walls of the Bhavan. Sri Swamiji was greatly impressed with the Bhawan and its Ramayana work.

Sri Swamiji stands in front of the painted Ramayana Shloka walls in Valmeekeeya Ramayana Bhavan, Ayodhya

The packed Hanuman Bagh Sewa Sansthan

Banners and posters doting Ayodhya town

~ It was a divine experience for thousands of devotees in Ayodhya with Pujya Guru Deva ~